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14th April 2015

The Birth and Development the

British Stainless Steel Industry

   David Dulieu

Stay Bright traces the story of the development, production and use of high chromium stainless, corrosion and heat resisting steels in Britain.

Stay Bright chronicles the fortunes of the British companies manufacturingstainless steels; it tracks international alliances and rivalries and charts the history through times of economic boom and recession. It follows the twists of fate of those involved through world war, cold war, nationalisation and the impact of globalised industrial manufacturing.

Few materials can claim to have made such an impact on modern life; this is how they did it in Britain

14th October 2014

The History of Mechanical Music

Terry & Margaret Pankhurst  

9th September 2014

Blood, Sweat and Bouncing Balls-4000years of Rubber  

Dr John Loadman

9th December 2014

Farming in Hertfordshire in the 19th


Dr Julie Moore-  The Heritage Hub at the University of Hertfordshire.

11th November 2014

The green vision of Milton Keynes

courtesy of its Engineering Infrastructure

Brian Salter

13th January 2015

Enfield Railways Part 2 (West) Great Northern Line and the Hertford Loop

David Cockle

Enfield Society

Jubilee Hall 2Parsonage Lane ENFIELDLondonEN2 7BQ

10th February 2015

Making a Spectacle

Neil Handley -  Curator of the British Optical Association

Museum at the College of  Optometrists

10th March 2015

Tales of the Regents Canal

Dr John Stredwick

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14th May 2015

Architecture of London Underground

Oliver Green